Hi there, and welcome to my dark little corner of the internet. Don't mind the tumbleweeds.

I created this space as a sort of e-scrapbook to jot down any musings, stories, and general thoughts I have as I journey along the weathered road of novel writing, story telling and general penmonkeying around.
(See the masterful Chuck Wendig should you have any questions on being a penmonkey.)

I can't promise everything in this blog will be worth reading,or that I'll even post with any great frequency, but if you've somehow managed to end up here, I offer you a welcome and hope you enjoy my ramblings.

A. Steele is a Scottish horror, sci-fi and fantasy writer and enjoys spending her free time wrapped up in a duvet with a hot chocolate and a scary story or sitting at her desk tackling complex maths and physics.

She currently lives and works in Scotland but hopes to move to Ireland one day.

She is an eternal student.


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